We have a very active group of people who produce beautiful banners to commemorate special occassions.

The Banner Group

Whilst on a ‘Pathway on to Prayer’ day at St Meddan’s Church in Troon, Shirley was inspired by the beautiful banners on display. Subsequently, Shirley and Frances were fortunate to meet with the small group of ladies who had created these banners and who shared their ideas, techniques and various hints they had learned along the way. Aware that Barbara had made a one-off banner some years earlier with the Sunday School, ideas started to flow, with stimuli coming from a whole variety of sources: paintings, pictures, nature, textiles and of course the Bible itself.
In general ideas have come from Shirley, and have then been translated into an actual design with the help and artistic talents of Frances. More recently, Sheila also came on board and has provided valuable input at both the design and textile stages.

Donations of wonderful textiles, especially from ‘The Curtain Workshop’ in Kilmarnock have kept our costs down considerably. As time has progressed, the range of techniques has broadened, and with the making of every banner we always learn something new, although quite often with hindsight! Periodically, the making of a banner has incorporated welcome contributions from members of the congregation and groups affiliated with the church.

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