A car service may be offered subject to availability.

If you feel that you'd like to volunteer to use your own car within this service please contact us and let us know.

Please note, if you can't fulfil your rota slot please make alternative arrangements.


  Car 1   Car 2   Car 3
28/04/19 G. Dunn   J. Caldwell   M. Millar
05/05/19 S. Payne   J. Stewart   B. McMillan
12/05/19 M. Gilmour   M. Rae   G. Jack
19/05/19 H. Jamieson   M. Kuczynski   F. Mavor
26/05/19 Angust Stirrat   M. Linton   Y. Cain
02/06/19 D. Harrow   M. Brown   J. Ritchie (Mrs)
09/06/19 G. Dunn   Kate Tweedie   Elaine Grant
16/06/19 S. Payne   J. Caldwell   M. Millar
23/06/19 M. Gilmour   J. Stewart   B. McMillan
30/06/19 H. Jamieson   M. Rae   G. Jack
07/07/19 Angust Stirrat   M. Kuczynski   F. Mavor
14/07/19 D. Harrow   M. Linton   Y. Cain
21/07/19 G. Dunn   M. Brown   J. Ritchie (Mrs)
28/07/19 S. Payne   Kate Tweedie   Elaine Grant
04/08/19 M. Gilmour   J. Caldwell   M. Millar
11/08/19 H. Jamieson   J. Stewart   B. McMillan
18/08/19 Angust Stirrat   M. Rae   G. Jack
25/08/19 D. Harrow   M. Kuczynski   F. Mavor
01/09/19 G. Dunn   M. Linton   Y. Cain