The Reformation

The Scottish Reformation was Scotland's formal break with the Papacy in 1560, and the events surrounding this. It was part of the wider European Protestant Reformation; and in Scotland's case culminated ecclesiastically in the re-establishment of the church along Reformed lines, and politically in the triumph of English influence over that of the Kingdom of France.

The Reformation Parliament of 1560, which repudiated the pope's authority, forbade the celebration of the Mass and approved a Confession of Faith, was made possible by a revolution against French hegemony. Prior to that, Scotland was under the regime of the regent Mary of Guise, who had governed in the name of her absent daughter Mary, Queen of Scots (then also Queen of France).

The Scottish Reformation decisively shaped the Church of Scotland and, through it, all other Presbyterian churches worldwide.

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Ministers of Dundonald Since the Reformation

Year From Name
1567 Robert Burn
1572 George Campbell
1576 David Mylne
1618 Alexander Sibbald
1625 Robert Ramsay
1642 Gabriel Maxwell
1667 George Wilson
1672 John Osburn
1672 John Hutcheson
1682 John Boyle
1688 James Boog
1698 William Lindsay
1717 James Cowan
1724 Joseph Kearnochan
1729 Hamilton Kennedy
1732 Thomas Walker
1783 Robert Duncan
1815 John McLeod
1841 Alexander Wilson
1866 John Sime
1904 James Gillespie
1952 Archie Beaton
1971 David Ness
1988 Robert Mayes
2019 Lynsey Brennan