As we do work around the church property we will add the details of all the tradesmen we have found to be reliable and do a good job.  While we display the information, Dundonald Parish Church and it's Trustees take no responsibility for their work, loss or damage howsoever caused.

Plasterer Thomas Richmond 01563 760184

Window Cleaner John 218447  or  07926 045167 (John also does plastering)

Engraving & plaque engraving.... Art & Industrical Engraving Ltd. 39 Laighcartside Street, Johnstone, PA5 8DB 01505 328055  Contact Bill Kerr

Double Glazing Repairs.....  G&C Double glazing Repairs.  Paul Mongomery 01563 535579  01290 429455

Mobile (Business hours only) 07814 119471